Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Might Be A Magic Junkie If…

…you find yourself listening to hours and hours of magic podcast interviews on your iPhone when you are exercising every day.  Ok, guilty as charged!
I admit it.  I’ve gotten hooked on a podcast that interviews all sorts of brilliant magicians.  On the days when I’m riding the stationary bike at the gym, I listen to these really interesting interviews and the time just flies by.
I wanted to share this awesome resource with you.  If you’re fascinated by all things magic, you’re going to love these podcasts.
I love how you really get a feel for what the person is like.  They are able to relax and just be themselves during the interview and you and I get to listen in to their little conversation.  It’s like being a bug on a wall during discussions with some of the top minds in the magic world.
You’ve gotta check this out!  It’s called the Magic Newswire.  You can go to the website by clicking here.
Until next time…Make An Impact!

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